GaAs or Si solar cells

GaAs or Si solar cells of the highest efficiency, from leading cell manufacturers

Only the best cells available on the market from leading PV cell manufacturers such as Sunpower or Azur Space are used for our PV panels. Thus we process PV cells in the efficiency range of 20% to 35%. With Si cells we get up to 24% efficiency, and 35% with GaAs cells. Efficiency will continue to increase over the years with progress in the industry.

To transfer cell efficiency to panel efficiency, we can optionally trim cropped corners of the cells with a laser cutter, thus achieving a significantly higher packing rate on our panels. As a positive side effect of this, we also gain higher voltages. Combined with smaller gaps between cells and smaller panel borders, our panels reach higher power per area values. For Si cells we can provide up to 220 W/m², which is the highest value achievable for Si based PV panels. By using our optional non-reflective module surface we can increase this output to about 229 W/m² (equivalent to 22.9% panel efficiency at STC).

‘Nuna5′, Nuon Solar Team, World Solar Challenge 2009