Non-reflective Module Surface

Unique: a non-reflective module surface for increased power output

Hans Gochermann’s innovation of the non-reflective module surface, solely available from Gochermann Solar Technology!

Gochermann Solar Technology PV arrays can be delivered with an optional non-reflective module surface. This non-reflective surface consists of a micro structured pyramidal shaped top layer, with a pyramid height of about 5µm. The small amount of solar rays not absorbed by the surface of one pyramid will be reflected and hit an opposing pyramid facet which will absorb them almost entirely. In total more light is captured and therefore generate a higher power output compared to a regular smooth surface. Surface structures as small as 5µm have no effect on aerodynamics.

In addition to cell efficiency, the power output of a PV cell or a PV module depends on the sun’s angle of incidence. Ideally, this should be perpendicular, however in practice, this cannot be achieved on a mobile or moving array. Power output is a cosine function of the angle of incidence. Even when perpendicular, about 4% of light will be reflected by a standard smooth and transparent encapsulation made of glass or plastics. Our unique, non-reflective module surface reduces this reflection to a stunning 0.3%.

The higher the angle of incidence or the lower angle at which sunlight comes in, power output decreases with the cosine function and higher surface reflection. At angles of incidence beyond the critical angle (or grazing angles below it) nearly all light is reflected and the PV module has very low power output. In these situations the reflection of the non-reflective module surface increases from 0.3% to only 4%, compared to almost total reflection of standard encapsulations.

‘Ariba 6′, İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi, World Solar Challenge 2013