Our Mission

Our Mission

Transportation and communication are leading characteristics of our modern society. We’re relying on individual mobility and instant exchange of information in our economy, and we’ve learned about the importance of renewable energies when sourcing power for it. Pioneers and entrepreneurs have shown already that travelling is possible with zero CO2 emission by utilising technologies like the fuel cell or photovoltaic cells. Research and development in universities and industries is constantly improving the components which enable e-mobility.


Today we see electric propelled cars driving on our roads like the Smart fortwo electric drive or the Tesla Model S. They mark an important transition in individual transportation, moving more and more away from fossil energy towards renewable, electric energy. 

‘Powercore Suncruiser’, Hochschule Bochum, World Solar Challenge 2013

However, these cars need to charge their batteries from a regular power outlet. Universities around the world, and other pioneering teams, are already building electric cars that can source all their energy needs on the go – completely off-grid.

While these cars are lacking the comfort of a modern limousine, they are purpose built to compete in race events like the biannual World Solar Challenge in Australia, where they show remarkable results. Built with the latest high-tech components, they mark the entry gate to emission free mobility. The same is true for other teams and organisations aspiring to achieve in the same spirit on the water or in the air.

Gochermann Solar Technology plays the important role of providing these organisations with photovoltaic panels that meet the needs of ‘green’ vehicles in development and production with respect to technical and aesthetic design prerequisites.