The History

The History

Gochermann Solar Technology was founded in 1996 by Hans Gochermann. Previously, Hans had been a R&D engineer with AEG-Telefunken in Germany, a world leading company in photovoltaics in the ’70s and ’80s. Hans, with remarkable foresight, recognised at an early stage that solar energy had potential terrestrial applications if the technology could be evolved beyond the requirements for satellites.

While others have concentrated very much on mass market, static applications such as roof tops and ground mounted solar arrays, Hans developed encapsulation techniques that met the requirements of mobility applications, modules that are ultra lightweight, extra thin and have the highest possible efficiencies. To meet the demands of mobility, Hans added further characteristics to the modules: semi-flexibility and, most remarkably, a non-reflective module surface.

Important milestones for Hans and Gochermann Solar Technology are Mercedes Benz with their Solar Silver Arrow, winning the Swiss Tour de Sol 1985, the first Solar Car Race ever, or the solar powered glider Icaré from University of Stuttgart, winning an international competition in Ulm, Germany in 1996.

In 2013 Oliver Gochermann, son of Hans Gochermann, joined Gochermann Solar Technology. Oliver has a strong technical background and decades of experience in international product management, business development and sales in the telecommunications industry. He will ensure the continuation and development of the business over the coming years.

‘Icaré’, Universität Stuttgart, 1996
Mercedes-Benz ‘Solar Silver Arrow’, Tour de Sol, 1985